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Clinical & Consultation Services

For Individuals


Our team has a diverse set of professional interests and we offer support to people experiencing many different types of challenges and difficulties. 


Sometimes people are curious about the term psychotherapy and whether there are differences between counselling and psychotherapy as the terms are often used interchangeably, which can be confusing.  Although subtle, there are distinct differences. 


Psychotherapy is a dynamic and in-depth interpersonal process that occurs over a longer period of time.  The goal of psychotherapy is to facilitate personal growth and change by examining the root causes of problems, developing insight, and ultimately changing unhelpful thoughts patterns, feelings and behaviour.  Counselling tends to be shorter in duration and focuses on problems happening right now, offering advice and guidance to support behavioural change to effectively overcome problems.


Both processes require that people be self-reflective, open to experiencing the discomfort that could arise during the process, and be committed to making changes in their lives.  


Beth Toomey & Associates offers counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals across the life span including children (ages 7+), adolescents, and adults. 


For Therapists

Therapy for Therapists

Therapists face a lot of challenges and sometimes these issues are unique to our profession such as vicarious traumatization, ethical dilemmas, workplace stress, and burnout.   It’s not uncommon that therapists aren't typically required to participate in psychotherapy during our professional training, and perhaps we haven’t ever experienced what it’s like to be a client in therapy.  In addition, besides managing our own everyday lives we must juggle professional issues in an environment that can sometimes be isolating. 


Beth Toomey and Associates strongly believe that therapists need a safe place to be seen and heard.  To be held in a space of non-judgement where we can be vulnerable about our own experiences and receive support and compassionate presence as we do the work of our own healing. 


Consultation for Therapists

As an EMDR Certified Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Beth Toomey offers clinical consultation for EMDR trained therapists who are seeking certification in EMDR Therapy or for those seeking general support to learn how to incorporate EMDR into their own clinical practice.  

Clinical consultation is an essential component of good clinical practice.  When clinicians have confidence in their own clinical skill set and purpose, they can better manage the emotional dimension of the work while continuing to broaden their knowledge and skills. 


To inquire about clinical or consultation services, visit our contact page.

“There are good therapists and there are healers.  The world needs us to be both.”
- Deany Laliotis, Found/Director of The Centre for Excellence in EMDR Therapy.

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